Lest We Forget

These words renown across most countries to show our remembrance of those who have fought and those who have died fighting for freedom.

We honour the day by wearing Poppies, a flower that bloomed throughout the fields of battle during World War 1, and so synonymous with remembrance ever since.

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Poppy Pin Badges, Earrings and Cuff Links

Hand made in Sterling Silver and Enamel.

Lest We Forget UK

Lest We Forget UK supplies handmade Sterling Silver and Enamel remembrance poppy jewellery to remember those who have fallen during conflicts across the world since WW1, The Great War.

Our Silver and Enamel poppy jewellery all come with a presentation box and selected pieces with a information booklet about the origins of the poppy and what it means to different countries around the world.

With the start of 4 years of special remembrance for the 100 year anniversary of the Great War in 2014 these signature pieces are a great way to show your support for those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.

The war reached out and touched almost everyone’s life in some way or other. Children grew up in the shadow of battle, their fathers absent or lost. Women became directly involved, picking up the pieces of industry and agriculture as the men went off to fight. Men enlisted, or were called up, in their millions, being sent to fight in places that many had never heard of before. It was a global struggle. Life changed forever. Nothing was ever the same again. Remember them today with Lest We Forget UK remembrance jewellery.

All pieces are inspired by John McRae’s immortal poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ the poppy became synonymous with the terrible sacrifice of the 1st World War and ultimately became a symbol of remembrance which to this day encompasses the fallen in all conflicts.

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