Lest We Forget

These words renown across most countries to show our remembrance of those who have fought and those who have died fighting for freedom.

We honour the day by wearing Poppies, a flower that bloomed throughout the fields of battle during World War 1, and so synonymous with remembrance ever since.

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Poppy Pin Badges, Earrings and Cuff Links

Hand made in Sterling Silver and Enamel.

Lest We Forget UK

Lest We Forget UK designs and manufactures and supplies a complete range of remembrance jewellery from poppies handmade in hallmarked Sterling Silver to metal and enamel die cast to volume budget printed versions to remember and help those who have fallen and remain during conflicts across the world.

Our Silver and Enamel poppy jewellery comes with a presentation box and selected pieces with an information booklet about the origins of the poppy and what it means to different countries around the world.

Les Bleuets De France, the symbol of remembrance in France. In April 2016 we were commissioned to produce a range of Cornflower (le Bleuet) lapel pins brooches etc. We are proud to introduce them to our range.

Inspired by John McRae’s immortal poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ the poppy became synonymous with the terrible sacrifice of the 1st World War and ultimately became a symbol of remembrance which to this day encompasses the fallen in all conflicts, The poppy and the cornflower flourished in the newly broken soil of no man’s land forming a vast sea of undulating colour, not surprising that in time both flowers became synonymous with the terrible sacrifice and ultimately symbols of remembrance.

In the last few decades, another Flower is recognised for support and remembrance, the Daffodil.
symbolising rebirth and new beginnings, The daffodil represents the Marie Curie Cancer Care. The charity uses the daffodil in much the same way as Remembrance Day uses the poppy and cornflower, the exception being a symbol of the unified battle against cancer.

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